The Thanksgiving Game

As the subtitle of this blog suggests, I think I tend to focus on a lot of the negatives of the writing process, but there’s one positive that I don’t stop to be thankful for enough (and since it’s November, it’s obligatory that I do at least one ‘what I’m thankful for’ post).

I met two incredibly talented and sweet ladies when I was in grad school, and they both happened to adore children’s and young adult stories as much as I did. Somewhere down the line we started writing together, and somewhere further down the line we started having meetings where we got absolutely no writing done because we were chatting too much. They have become two of my best friends and have supported my entire novel-writing process, and commiserated with my procrastination process. I love them.

And last night, as we tried to squeeze in an emergency meeting at 10 pm (way past my old-lady bedtime) at the Traveler’s Cafe, we yawned and sipped tea and sorted through riddles that M’s boyfriend had written for her. The riddles all have clues that spit out numbers to lead her back to a lockbox… it’s all very complicated, and very in character for this couple. We think we know what’s in the box, but it’s too soon to declare officially, so I will just say this: on the eve of a possible change in M’s life, I’m thankful for the change I made in my life to move to Chicago right when I did and enroll in the class where I met these two amazing women.

Who knows where I’d be now, or what (or if) I’d be writing.

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