Happy New Year! (two weeks late). ย I can’t say I intended to take a six-week blog break, but such is life, especially around the holidays. It tends to get in its own way, especially when I let it. But speaking of intentions, I read a really lovely blog post that I can’t now remember the location of on the internets, and it mentioned how this lady preferred to make ‘intentions’ at the start of the new year rather than resolutions. By now we all know that New Year’s Resolutions are hogwash and are one more way to feel bad about our unaccomplishments. But intentionsโ€ฆ

That’s something I can get behind. There’s something a little softer and more forgiving about the things we intend to do. The things we resolve to do are spiky, barb-wired potholes and I don’t like them. I also tend to think that if the only reason you’re resolving to do it now is because the calendar flipped over, then you don’t want it badly enough. Just my opinion ๐Ÿ™‚

SO my intentions for the near future are as such:
1. Return to my novel in any way, shape, or form. That’s it. A word, two words, anything. Sometimes I feel ashamed for the long breaks I take from a project that is, at this point, one of my life’s large purposes. But maybe that’s another intention I have:
2. Forgive myself for not achieving everything I want to. There are only 24 hours in a day, and 8-ish of them are spent passed out. Another 8 are spent at the Day Job, a couple more are used up during my commute and my meals. You get the idea. There’s not always a lot leftover for the things that aren’t necessary. But that’s ok. I need to be ok with the days when writing doesn’t happen, and still strive to make good use of the free time I do have.
3. Eat more veggies. We’ll see about this one.
4. Be more positive. I’ve already started this one with my husband by writing down one good thing that happened each day on a slip of paper and sticking it in a jar. It really forces you to focus on the good things as they happen, instead of dwelling on the bad (some of the time – the bad still sucks pretty bad – but it’s only January 12th, and I’m hoping it gets easier as the year progresses).

And that’s all I have for now. Perhaps I’ll add some more later, or strikethrough that veggie thing, but they’re just intentions. So it’ll be ok.