Small Joys

I would just like to share that during the first day or so of COG being available on Amazon, searching for the EXACT title yielded this as the first result:

I think that might be the ultimate assertion of obscurity: typing in your own book’s name and having Amazon ask if you meant a Spanish book that roughly translates to The Lemonade Wars.
I’m sure it’s a lovely book. But no Amazon, that’s not what I meant.
However, I needed to grab the page link tonight, and while we’re not to autofill territory yet, typing in the exact title brought up my book as the first result! 
It’s possible that the site was just taking my search history into account, but I’d like to think this is a step in the right direction. This is what I mean by small joys. It’s about on the level of looking into the kitty litter box and thinking, hey, that’s not as full as I thought it would be – I’ll clean it tomorrow.
Life can be beautiful if we let it 🙂

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