Vampiric Resurgence

Remember back in like 2010 when we all decided we were kind of done with vampires? Or maybe that was just me. Well after a hiatus of a handful of years, I have returned to them.

Amazon recently started offering HBO shows for free to Prime members, as long as the episodes being offered were at least three years old. Seeing as I have never in my life been classy enough to pay for HBO, this was a very exciting development.

So my husband and I started watching True Blood a couple weeks ago. And now we’re on season 5.

What just happened??

It’s gotten ridiculous – both the show and my need to continue absorbing it through my eyeballs. I can’t even watch some of it without laughing, and let’s not forget it’s a drama. It has a become a paranormal parody of itself, and I’ve heard it just gets weirder. And yet I still can’t stop watching. My husband and I will watch seven episodes, then he’ll go to bed, and I’ll still be up, needing another fix. So I turn on Vampire Diaries, which also jumps the shark a little bit more each season, and I can NOT figure out why I care again.

What is it about vampires that, excuse the pun, sucks you in even when your rational brain wants nothing to do with them?

My friends and I were having a related discussion last night about who really started our fascination with vampires. Was it Anne Rice? Was it Brad Pitt? Was it all just a tame interest until Stephenie Meyer made it megapop? This would make a really interesting research paper if I still did things like that. But there you go, free essay idea.

Meanwhile, I’ll be journeying again to Bon Temps, Louisiana tonight…

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