Nothing Else Like It

Every writer dreams of that moment when you finally get to hold a physical copy of your book. That moment came for me last week.

That lovely lady on the right is Meredith Ferrill, who designed the cover art, and is a rockstar writer of middle grade and YA fiction.

So as you can guess, the book is available in paperback on Amazon now along with the Kindle edition. Luddites of the world: read away ๐Ÿ™‚


So… this!

JK Rowling wrote a story about a thirty-something Harry Potter
(click link to go to an article about it)

I may be weird in this way (though I don’t think I’m alone) but I want things like this to happen after every series ends. I need to know that the characters I love are still happily-ever-after when they’re thirty and forty and fifty. And I tend to do this in my head anyway – create older fan fiction for characters that have really stuck with me. And yes, they’ll have their family dramas and start to get saggy skin.

But when you really love someone, it simply doesn’t matter.