Excuses, excuses

There’s simply no excuse for why I haven’t posted since November. And now I will list all of my excuses.

Some writing book or other (Is it Bird by Bird? That’s sort of my default amazing writing book) says to never start a writing project in December because December is a month of Mondays. I say, forget starting, this applies to all doing. Writing in December is wildly difficult because there are an exceptional number of things you have to do as the holidays approach, and all things you like to do tend to get put on a dusty shelf. That shelf is home to things like reading the classics, playing a musical instrument just for fun, sorting through that scary skyscraper of mail on the table… Ok they’re not all things I like to do, but they’re things that eventually need to get done… just not right now.

On the upside, November was a great month. I surpassed our writing goal of 30 pages in 30 days and felt like a champ. That feeling is now deceased. And I don’t have a lot of hope for it in the coming weeks, since I’ll be moving to a new apartment in February, and I’ve got packing on the brain.

I’m awfully tired of the self-imposed guilt that comes with every writing break. I’m vowing now to be more forgiving of myself when life gets in the way, as it often does. After all, this is supposed to be FUN! (right?)

Some good news: At this point I find myself about 3/4 of the way done with the COG Sequel first draft. My goal is to release it this Spring.

Other good news: I’ll be at the Local Author Fair this coming weekend at the Indian Prairie Public Library in Darien, IL. It will be my first time selling my book in person, and it’s exciting and nervous-making and FUN. I’ll post pictures soon!