Teaser #2 (and some other business)

True to form, I allowed the past couple months to overwhelm me and keep me from posting another teaser, BUT it has not kept me from continuing to edit COG #2, and… begin writing COG #3! I have all of 4 pages so far, but I’ve learned the best way to make editing bearable is to keep writing.

Editing always feels a little bit like destruction, ripping apart combinations of words or sentences that you quite liked before someone pointed out a problem with them, and wave after wave of self-doubt crashes over you until you decide to stop writing at Starbucks and just go ahead and get a job there. (Is it really that bad? Yes, yes it is.)

But writing is the opposite. It’s creation. Which is what we all do this for.

On a completely separate note, one of my writer friends has been working on a special project since Earth Day. It’s absolutely worth checking out her blog dumpingplastic.com to get a thoughtful, non-judgmental perspective on our overuse of plastic. She’s given up buying things wrapped in or made of plastic for one year (or is trying the best she can – it’s frustratingly hard to do).

In business news, I’m expecting COG #2 to hit Amazon in November. Yes, I’m aware I originally said July. Close enough.

And as for what I’ve been doing with my time, let me just say, this is Iceland, and it’s amazing:

Major props to my husband for taking such gorgeous photos. My phone could not handle the stunning beauty of that country.

And now for the teaser! Not telling who the he is in this one 🙂


Rubbing his thumb along my arm, he says nothing, just stares at me in the near darkness. Then his hand is cupping the back of my neck, drawing me closer, and his mouth is on mine. The surprise leaves me motionless, but it’s only a moment before I’m kissing him back, leaning into him and digging my nails into his arms. This is the first time he’s kissed me since… I don’t know when. But feeling his breath, ragged and hot against my lips, letting me know he wants me as much as ever, lights something inside me. I wasn’t sure if things could be right between us again, if they ever were to begin with. But right now he tastes like hope and grapefruit and it makes me smile.