But It’s the Holidays

The above title is my excuse these days, and will continue to be for the next few weeks. I’m starting to understand why the brilliant Anne Lamott says not to start a new project in December because December is a month of Mondays.

Luckily, nothing I’m working on was started this December (or in any previous December). The problem is I’m simply not continuing to work on things. There are decorations to hang and presents to wrap and post office lines to test my faith in humanity. And of course all of these things create a bigger and bigger mess in our apartment that I can’t seem to keep at bay. There’s also old Friends reruns, which I swear you can find any time of day on some channel or another. It’s a sick and wonderful thing.

So it’s a special day when I make it out of the holiday tornado to write. Of course, sitting in a Starbucks sipping a peppermint mocha and listening to Michael Bublé Christmas covers doesn’t quite qualify as escaping the holidays. But the point is I’m WRITING. Even if part of my brain is wondering whether my nephew’s gift has been delivered while I’m out and if a package grinch is going to snatch it off the porch before I get home.

The article linked below has some tips for finding time to write during the holidays. Getting up early doesn’t work for me, but neither does staying up late because the later it gets the deeper I fall down the Candy Crush hole. But the advice I do like is “doable goals.” Fifty words a day? That’s nothing! That’s a quick email! I shouldn’t feel like I have to keep up my 3-pages-a-day goal during December. That’s a goal I set for myself when life is normal, and life is far from normal right now. But fifty words… I can live with that.

Happy Writing!