I’m back! It’s been a couple months, but I promise I haven’t been idle. I’ve been editing book #2 and getting it ready for publishing! This weekend I’ll be meeting with my awesome writing friend and artist Meredith Ferrill, who will be helping me design the new cover. And then… in mere weeks, Descended will drop. (People still say that, right?)

I’ve also been spending the last several months baking a baby ๐Ÿ™‚ I haven’t announced it here yet, but we’re expecting a little one in early April, so my brain has mostly been occupied by painting, nesting, shopping, and general freaking out. But the due date has given me a much needed kick in the (growing) butt to get this book out before baby. IT’S GOING TO HAPPEN. I’m sure of it.

I’ll post the cover and the expected release date very soon. Meanwhile, I’ll be posting a sneak peak over on Wattpad! Stay tuned!

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