Cover Reveal

There are few things that get me more excited for a book (my own or anyone else’s) than a cover reveal. And I didn’t think I could love cover #2 more than I loved cover #1. But that’s what Meredith Ferrill does โ€“ she creates beautiful, fun, interesting things that blow me away.

So without further ado, here is her awesome cover art for Descended:

This is one of those moments when I’m both thrilled at the reality of being ready to publish, and dreading letting the book venture out into the world because I’m not actually ready at all. But that’s the way it goes, and I imagine it doesn’t get any easier, no matter how many times you do it.
Side note about Meredith: she’s a writer and an artist, but one of the coolest things she’s working on right now is her year without plastic. I’ve mentioned her blog here before, but it’s worth linking to again: DumpingPlastic.com. Earth Day (the anniversary of her starting this project) is only a couple months away, and watching her take on this challenge for the past ten months has been fascinating and thought-provoking.

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