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New essay on Motherwell

I wrote a thing. It’s about the wacky emotions I’ve been experiencing as a one-and-done mother during this pandemic. Are you lonely? Because I’m lonely and my kid is lonely, and I start thinking maybe I should have another baby because my brain is broken and THAT’S WHAT MAKES SENSE TO ME RIGHT NOW.

It’s all insanity, and you can read about it over on Motherwell, which is one of my favorite online mags for thoughtful parenting writing.



2 thoughts on “New essay on Motherwell”

  1. Hi Amanda. I actually came here just to tell you this essay broke me in the best possible way. As a parent to one who sometimes struggles with that decision, I have also been so saddened by my daughters loneliness during the pandemic and wondered if a sibling would have alleviated some of her struggle. I also don’t REALLY want another kid. You broke this whole thing down so concisely, it was like you were in my head. Thank you.

    1. Thank you so much for reaching out! It’s so heartening to hear from other parents of onlies who are experiencing the same unexpected sadness right now. I can only hope this is just a blip in their childhood that they barely remember once they’re grown. Sending good thoughts to you and your daughter!

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