I’m a Chicago-based writer who loves reading and writing young adult fiction, romance novels, and the odd piece about parenting (as long as it’s not advice; none of us needs more of that in our lives).

I also do freelance copy editing and proofreading work, so feel free to reach out if I can help you with a project, or if you just want to chat/commiserate about any of the above topics!

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hey Amanda! I can’t find an email so am writing you here. Just caught up on your beautiful Motherwell piece from May – I’m in Evanston, and I’m the co-editor of the anthology Only Child: Writers on the Singular Joys and Solitary Sorrows of Growing Up Solo (Harmony/Random House). I thought you might want to know about the book, if you don’t already. My co-editor and I are both onlies, and we needed this book when friends started to ask us (as if we were some kind of expert) whether to have more than one. So we got a bunch of writers to write about their experiences as onlies growing up, instead. Your daughter sounds amazing. You’re doing an amazing job. Just wanted to say that. Keep going, mama. And perhaps one day when this whole nighmare is over, our paths shall cross!!

    1. This book sounds FANTASTIC! Thank you so much for reaching out and letting me know about it—I can’t wait to check it out! And thanks as well for your kind words 🙂

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