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A Terrifying and Beautiful Place

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Etta spent years bombing and taking cities for the Febrian army, but once the War was over, she felt lost trying to build a life as anything other than a soldier. So she fled to Sorrol, one of the cities she helped destroy. Now she’s trying to rebuild it and protect it from the war bands who want to claim what’s left of the ruins, though most of the citizens don’t welcome her presence there. One person who does is Li, a cheerful, easy-going soldier willing to look past her origins for the sake of sharing a bed with her.

But the strange new rhythm of this life is thrown off when Etta’s former fiancé, Jack, shows up in Sorrol to work for its parliament. Even though it’s clear he doesn’t forgive her for leaving, they can’t seem to avoid each other — or their lingering unresolved feelings.

Etta is torn between the easy, carefree arrangement with Li and the sweet, painful echo of the past that Jack brings with him. But it could all mean nothing if she can’t protect the broken city from people who want to kill everyone inside it.

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Wasteland Book Cover

Seventeen-year-old Nel has to steal to survive life in the Wastes, a vast desert south of the Yellowstone Oasis. Nothing grows there, and water is scarce, so her village survives solely on the food stolen from highjacked cargo trucks headed to the Oasis. She tries not to think of the people she kills with each highjacking, the deaths that ensure her half-brother and -sister make it through each week. But when the Oasis finally tracks them down and bombs her village as retribution, Nel is separated from her family and must comb the Wastes on her own to find them.

Theo, who has been highjacking trucks with Nel for years, wonders if they’ve doomed themselves to a life of violence. But when the bomb destroys their village, he sees past the grief and anger around him, spotting an opportunity to start over. To discover something brighter and sweeter with Nel—if only he can find her.

Meanwhile, in the Oasis, a boy named Daniel starts to wonder if the girl he’s falling for is keeping secrets about where she came from. He’s desperate to learn more about her, but his efforts lead to disaster, and the consequences reverberate across both the Oasis and the Wastes.

Children of Guerra – published May 7, 2014

Milena was one of eight children created and raised by an off-the-books government committee to be the perfect teenage spy, and she’s arguably the best at what she does. But when one assignment goes horribly wrong, Milena is sent to Chicago to redeem herself and root out the largest underground group of dissenters in the country. She should be able to handle it, but she never expects to meet Damien – passionate, protective, and ready to bring down the whole system. As the two grow closer and he shows her the world underneath Chicago, she begins to question the sacrifices she’s been making as the government’s pawn. But with both sides watching her every move, all she can do is keep the con going until she figures out where her own loyalties lie.

Descended – published March 1, 2016

Milena lost everything when she gave up being a spy and sided with the rebels to take down the Guerra Party – including her freedom. But when she wakes up back in her apartment, covered in scars and the evidence of the Guerras’ torture, yet alive and free, she doesn’t know what to make of it. Even more surprising is Nate’s invitation to rejoin the very people who feel most betrayed by her. They need her, though, to free Alex from the Guerras’ underground prison, and she’ll need help from the most unlikely sources – the other agents. She’s forced to round up her old friends to try to save her new ones, but convincing them seems impossible, and trusting them could be deadly.

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