Cover Reveal

There are few things that get me more excited for a book (my own or anyone else’s) than a cover reveal. And I didn’t think I could love cover #2 more than I loved cover #1. But that’s what Meredith Ferrill does – she creates beautiful, fun, interesting things that blow me away.

So without further ado, here is her awesome cover art for Descended:

This is one of those moments when I’m both thrilled at the reality of being ready to publish, and dreading letting the book venture out into the world because I’m not actually ready at all. But that’s the way it goes, and I imagine it doesn’t get any easier, no matter how many times you do it.
Side note about Meredith: she’s a writer and an artist, but one of the coolest things she’s working on right now is her year without plastic. I’ve mentioned her blog here before, but it’s worth linking to again: DumpingPlastic.com. Earth Day (the anniversary of her starting this project) is only a couple months away, and watching her take on this challenge for the past ten months has been fascinating and thought-provoking.


I’m back! It’s been a couple months, but I promise I haven’t been idle. I’ve been editing book #2 and getting it ready for publishing! This weekend I’ll be meeting with my awesome writing friend and artist Meredith Ferrill, who will be helping me design the new cover. And then… in mere weeks, Descended will drop. (People still say that, right?)

I’ve also been spending the last several months baking a baby 🙂 I haven’t announced it here yet, but we’re expecting a little one in early April, so my brain has mostly been occupied by painting, nesting, shopping, and general freaking out. But the due date has given me a much needed kick in the (growing) butt to get this book out before baby. IT’S GOING TO HAPPEN. I’m sure of it.

I’ll post the cover and the expected release date very soon. Meanwhile, I’ll be posting a sneak peak over on Wattpad! Stay tuned!


But It’s the Holidays

The above title is my excuse these days, and will continue to be for the next few weeks. I’m starting to understand why the brilliant Anne Lamott says not to start a new project in December because December is a month of Mondays.

Luckily, nothing I’m working on was started this December (or in any previous December). The problem is I’m simply not continuing to work on things. There are decorations to hang and presents to wrap and post office lines to test my faith in humanity. And of course all of these things create a bigger and bigger mess in our apartment that I can’t seem to keep at bay. There’s also old Friends reruns, which I swear you can find any time of day on some channel or another. It’s a sick and wonderful thing.

So it’s a special day when I make it out of the holiday tornado to write. Of course, sitting in a Starbucks sipping a peppermint mocha and listening to Michael Bublé Christmas covers doesn’t quite qualify as escaping the holidays. But the point is I’m WRITING. Even if part of my brain is wondering whether my nephew’s gift has been delivered while I’m out and if a package grinch is going to snatch it off the porch before I get home.

The article linked below has some tips for finding time to write during the holidays. Getting up early doesn’t work for me, but neither does staying up late because the later it gets the deeper I fall down the Candy Crush hole. But the advice I do like is “doable goals.” Fifty words a day? That’s nothing! That’s a quick email! I shouldn’t feel like I have to keep up my 3-pages-a-day goal during December. That’s a goal I set for myself when life is normal, and life is far from normal right now. But fifty words… I can live with that.

Happy Writing!



On Discovering Wattpad

I’m late to the game on just about everything these days. I’m not quite as bad as my friend M, who still had a flip phone until last year, but I come close. The two of us are giving a presentation on Wattpad next week at another friend’s library… and neither of us had any idea what it was when we agreed to do this. Which probably doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence.

BUT I did my research. And it’s awesome! What an amazing platform for writers and readers alike. It’s just this giant database of stories that people are uploading and sharing with strangers all over the world, and anyone can join in – published and unpublished authors alike. And if you love free stories… it doesn’t get much better than this.

So I created an account and added the first chapter of Children of Guerra. I’ll be adding a few more in the coming weeks, and then in November… (small drumroll) I’ll be adding the first chapter of the Children of Guerra sequel!!

As I’ve mentioned in countless posts before, the editing process is a slow one, and I’m not as close to done as I’d like to be. But I’m getting impatient! I want to share as much as I can as soon as I can. So I’ll be releasing the first few chapters of #2 as a lead-up to its release date (still undecided). I’m so excited about the opportunity to start putting this project out there. I’ll post here once it’s up.

In the meantime, check out Wattpad (if you haven’t already, and you probably have, because, again, I’m a luddite), and check me out too under the username AmandaGibsonBooks.

End thought: As I’ve been typing this, I’ve really enjoyed how autocorrect keeps trying to change Wattpad to Wattled.


Teaser #2 (and some other business)

True to form, I allowed the past couple months to overwhelm me and keep me from posting another teaser, BUT it has not kept me from continuing to edit COG #2, and… begin writing COG #3! I have all of 4 pages so far, but I’ve learned the best way to make editing bearable is to keep writing.

Editing always feels a little bit like destruction, ripping apart combinations of words or sentences that you quite liked before someone pointed out a problem with them, and wave after wave of self-doubt crashes over you until you decide to stop writing at Starbucks and just go ahead and get a job there. (Is it really that bad? Yes, yes it is.)

But writing is the opposite. It’s creation. Which is what we all do this for.

On a completely separate note, one of my writer friends has been working on a special project since Earth Day. It’s absolutely worth checking out her blog dumpingplastic.com to get a thoughtful, non-judgmental perspective on our overuse of plastic. She’s given up buying things wrapped in or made of plastic for one year (or is trying the best she can – it’s frustratingly hard to do).

In business news, I’m expecting COG #2 to hit Amazon in November. Yes, I’m aware I originally said July. Close enough.

And as for what I’ve been doing with my time, let me just say, this is Iceland, and it’s amazing:

Major props to my husband for taking such gorgeous photos. My phone could not handle the stunning beauty of that country.

And now for the teaser! Not telling who the he is in this one 🙂


Rubbing his thumb along my arm, he says nothing, just stares at me in the near darkness. Then his hand is cupping the back of my neck, drawing me closer, and his mouth is on mine. The surprise leaves me motionless, but it’s only a moment before I’m kissing him back, leaning into him and digging my nails into his arms. This is the first time he’s kissed me since… I don’t know when. But feeling his breath, ragged and hot against my lips, letting me know he wants me as much as ever, lights something inside me. I wasn’t sure if things could be right between us again, if they ever were to begin with. But right now he tastes like hope and grapefruit and it makes me smile.


Teaser #1

  “Come on,” he yells. The door opens to a fire escape, and though the blast of cold air over my skin is refreshing for a moment, it turns painful very fast. Not to mention that looking down from this height while everything is still blurry gives me an intense rush of vertigo. But voices call out behind us, and I know someone’s in pursuit, so even through my drunken haze, I feel the adrenaline kick in and my senses sharpen.
  We tumble down the metal stairs, Jonathan in front of me, swinging himself over the railing to land in the middle of the next flight down, me doing my best to stay on the balls of my feet so that my heels don’t get caught on a step, and Damien behind me urging me forward, grabbing my elbow when I stumble toward the bottom.
  And then we run. The door bangs open at the top of the fire escape, but we’re nearly out of the alley and turning the corner back toward the front of the building. Ahead of us though, in one graceful motion, Jonathan halts, pirouettes, and runs the opposite direction down the street from where we should be headed. When I reach the corner, I see why. There are government cars in front of the building, and plenty of people standing around them.
  Damien plows into my back, and we nearly topple onto the sidewalk, but we grab on to each other and stay upright.
  “This way,” I gasp, turning to chase after Jonathan. After a few steps though, I know we’re in it for the long haul, and that the shoes have to go. I hop on each foot and kick off Ash’s heels, bending to scoop them up and keep running at the same time. The motion sets something off in my stomach, and I’ve never felt as sick as I do now, racing down the empty street next to Damien, passing warehouses on the left and right that shift and sway in my field of vision. Ahead of us, Jonathan cuts right, and we follow. Then left, then right again. And I wonder if he’s just guessing, or if he actually knows where we’re going. I know we’re heading northeast, but that doesn’t help us find Polar.
  When we dead-end into a chain-link fence, Jonathan doesn’t hesitate. He climbs it, dropping down on the other side onto two feet. Damien and I look at each other. He starts climbing before I do, which means I’m overruled. My feet are numb from the frozen ground, and my hands aren’t much better, so I swear loudly the entire way up just to distract myself. The pain in my side is back – tearing, stabbing, aching, all at once. My arms are weak and clumsy from the alcohol. My knee scrapes along a jagged link on the fence, and heat blossoms across my kneecap. When I reach the top, I feel like that last swing of my leg over isn’t going to happen.
  “M, hurry!” Jonathan calls up as Damien lands beside him. Even through the pain and the haze, I still feel indignant that I was shown up by the boys.
  “I hate you!” I yell down, clinging to the wires with cramping hands. “I hate everything!”
  “That’s fine, just get to the other side.”
  Listing every curse word I know, I hitch one leg over, fully aware that I’m flashing both of them, but not in any mood to care. I manage to get a hand over, and pull myself halfway across, but that’s it for my arms. They give out, and I’m falling. My shoulder slams into the top of the fence, piercing the skin and sending me spinning onto my back through the air. I cry out and anticipate the ground pounding up into my bones, but then I land onto two hard things that give slightly. My head whips back and I’m looking up at Jonathan. He caught me.